Welcome to Vale of Proud We breed British Shorthair cats since 2000 in the wonderful color "Black Silver Tabby Blotched & Black Silver Tabby Spotted" with green eyes. We are members from the big cat club Mundikat and we are members in the cats community of British Shorthair cats the British Breed Club. Our breeding is based on the FIFe standards & rules. Would you like to get more about our Black Silver Tabby? About us we look forward to your visit in our wonderful city of Hamburg. ... We are very interested in the improvement of the breed & would like to support with our cats this wonderful breed and want to give some impressions of us.

Our breeding program

<p style="text-align: center;">Our breeding program is based on the FIFe standards & rules</p>

Our cats

Our cat live with us in our house and they can go wherever they want.

Our kittens

Our Kittens lives with us in our big house and they are our great love.

Our Tabby marlings

It will gives many tabby colors and markings.

Our Latest Blog